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Thanks for playing Fantasy Footy

We created Fantasy Footy in 2003 with a vision to provide the best AFL fantasy football game online.

Unfortunately in 2011 we were unable to provide you with the quality of game experience that you demand and we demand of ourselves.

Specifically, the current architecture does not allow the site to scale adequately to cope with peak periods of activity (e.g. draft time) and the site would almost certainly not be able to support any increase in user numbers in 2012 without a significant amount of rework.

It is for this reason that Fantasy Footy will not be returning in 2012.

We are instead focusing all of our energies on developing a totally new draft-style AFL fantasy football game which will provide better game play, more features and leverage modern web technologies so that the site can scale as our user base grows.

We're really excited by the opportunity that we now have to create a game that is truly great - and we think you should be excited too.

Thanks to everybody who has played and supported Fantasy Footy over the past nine seasons. We really appreciate your support and are sorry if we have disappointed you with our decision.

Follow @fantasyfooty on Twitter for game updates and previews and we look forward to seeing you in 2013 for the fantasy footy evolution.
It will be worth the wait.

- col & jarod

Let me know when the new game is ready to launch